pb class at writer’s digest university!

It’s almost here, and you’re invited! I’ve created six video sessions for a new online course with Writer’s Digest University. I’m super excited about the topics, activities, picture book examples, student assignments, and the opportunity to meet some writers in office hours as well! I’ll get to help writers (and illustrators) reach their milestones, one of my favorite things.

Writing and Revising Your Picture Book: From Concept to Polished Project

will give you vital tools to write, revise, understand the “why,” “how,” and “what” of your story and develop a plan for next steps.

As a picture book teacher, editor, and one-on-one coach/mentor, my approach has been described with these words: “energizing, encouraging, productive, straightforward, fun, and confidence-building.”

Hope you or someone you know can join us! 

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