Hello, and Welcome!

I'm Danielle Davis. I read, write, and roller skate in Los Angeles. And I'm passionate about sparking kids' unique voices and imaginations while experessing mine. My goal with every project is to offer children validation, comfort, and hope—through story.

What's New?

*I'm booking author visits for 2023-2024 to share TO MAKE and the creative process with kids in classrooms and libraries! Presentations or workshops can be done virtually too—all through School Visit Dot Connector!

*My partner, Todd Davis, and I created a stop motion PSA to uplift libraries and support the freedom to read! It's called "Let Books Live" and I hope you'll check it out and share it around, especially with librarians and library patrons!

*I've got a new substack! Swimming is Writing. Questions and buoying letters in reply about the creative process. Got a question to ask? Email swimmingiswriting@gmail.com

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