Picture Book Practitioner, Picture Book Workshops, and Editing

Picture Book Practitioner: part editor, part mentor, part motivator

A one-month service to concentrate on your project with a writer, editor, and teacher who “speaks” picture books as a second language. This is a chance to navigate your manuscript and to help your story—plus you as an artist and picture book creator!—set sail in a way that feels true to you.

I'm absolutely passionate about helping writers and writer-illustrators tap into their unique voice and vision, providing inspiration for their manuscript, writing identity, and direction. You’ll get four weeks of tailored feedback, encouragement, resources, thorough and sensitive support around story and next steps, and the camaraderie you need from someone who cares deeply about nurturing creative practice and this special form.

Whether you have a fully-fleshed out manuscript to revise OR notes about an idea you're ready to dig into, I can help. (Picture book creators at any place on their path welcome!)

What you can look forward to in our work together:

Four weeks with the following—

Preparation questionnaire

First one-hour video call after I read and reflect on your project: goal-setting, vision, conversation, story comments, comparative works.

Once-a-week check-in and encouragement from me to you.

Up to two questions answered via email every week about your manuscript or anything related to your project and course.

Line notes on at least one draft or revision of your manuscript.

Second video call up to one hour on line notes, your creative process and voice, and/or one relevant PB element.

Third video call up to one hour about your latest draft/revision, resources, reflection, next steps, and/or Q&A.

Reflection questionnaire

Something specially tailored to you. 

Cost: $750 for the month (any four mostly consecutive weeks). Paid in two installments via PayPal or Venmo, beginning and close. 

Email me to get started or get more information.

Or download this "What to Expect" PDF.

"Energizing, encouraging, confidence-building.

What a joy it was to work with Danielle Davis on my new book project.  Writing can be lonely, and it can be difficult to find, or make, the time to just sit down and do it.  This comes from a writer, who's been published many times, through Viking, Chronicle and Peachtree.  

Danielle tailored her sessions specifically to improve the quality and breadth of my manuscript.  She researched areas that I had not thought of, and returned with insightful information.
My biggest obstacle, at the beginning, was the formatting of the ideas in the book.  I had never attempted one like this before, and I was nervous.  Danielle was understanding, and helped me work with different styles until we (actually she) came up with one that fit perfectly.  It freed my writing, and with her regular contacts, I was motivated to write and revise every day.
This was beyond fantastic, and I plan to come back again to Danielle.  She is kind, compassionate, and she asks for the same accountability, that she gives to the writer.  I truly benefited from working one on one with her.
author of Love Is and many other picture books


I am the author of the picture book, To Make, have an MA in literature and creative writing, and am a long time champion of picture books and their makers via critiques, blogging, workshops, and editing. From community college teaching to my YouTube channel for kids, from mentoring teen writers to grown ones, I’ve been in this world a long time and bring a particular cheering-on spirit to folks I work with. 

Note: Our work together will be story and writing-centric, but we can also discuss strategy, your pitch if relevant, the children's literature industry, etc.

Testimonials about my previous offerings:








I have had the opportunity to edit three independently-published picture books: MY COLOR IS RAINBOW, C TRAIN, and THE GIRL AND THE SUN, and I've professionally critiqued dozens and dozens of manuscripts over the years.

If you would like to get in touch about my teaching or editing, please let me know—I'd love to hear from you!

"Danielle breathes life into your book and is a joy to work with. Her encouraging energy and attention to detail are unparalleled. After working with Danielle on C Train I felt 1,000 times more confident about publishing the book. I highly recommend her services if you plan on publishing your book or pitching it to publishers."

—Brigette Allen, creator of C Train.

"Story Breath" PB Workshop

"Story Breath": a fresh take on plot and pace in picture books with examples from contemporary titles and an activity to find the unique breath of your story. 1 to 1.5 hours. Online or in-person.

"Theme: The North Star of Your Story" Workshop

How to find the theme of your manuscript in order to let it guide your revision and your journey—plus an activity for using theme to shape a school visit. 1  to 1.5 hours. Online or in-person.

A Meaningful Method for Your Work in Progress

This half-day workshop is supportive, interactive, and will help you revise your manuscript, reflect on your writing journey, receive inspiration, and revitalize YOUR storytelling—all in one sitting! Well, there will be a few breaks sprinkled in.

This is truly a meaningful revision method that focuses on you as a writer and your picture book manuscript in a unique way that will have a lasting impact on your story—and your vision of yourself as an artist!

Two scholarships are always available at a significant discount for creators with marginalized/underrepresented voices in publishing—your voices are vital to our field and to children.

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