Animation Projects

Peculiar & Strange

ANIMated short for kids with hanna kim

This 3-minute independent short is the playful but profound story of two eccentric girls who discover the power of finding a friend as peculiar as you. As they embrace their strange, it not only connects the two, but tranforms them—and even the world they inhabit.

Director: Hanna Kim

Writer & Producer: Danielle Davis

Narrator: Jenny Yakobori.

Coming 2023.  

danielle and todd productions


Stop motion animation content collaborations with my partner, Todd Davis of Davis Handmade. Todd is the director and animator. I'm the writer. And we love to make stuff together.

"Rabbit Renew" short (2023).

"To Make"  book trailer (2022).

"Breathe" PSA (2021).

 "Steady as We Row" short (2021).

You can check out more right here.



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