Let Books Live stop motion video!

So excited to announce:
we made a new video,
Let Books Live“! 

It’s a stop motion short video to uplift libraries and the stories, diversity, possibility, and community they contain because books teach us about the past, inform our present, and determine our futures. 

I wrote and produced it, my partner, Todd Davis, directed—because we love making whimsical public service announcements.
(You can follow along with all our creations on our new official stop motion project Instagram!)

And we’re happy to be partnering with EveryLibrary to spread the word and get folks involved!
We immediately thought of them because their organization advocates for libraries and the freedom to read, something desperately needed right now. 

Our hope is that what our main character, Book, has to say, will resonate with viewers and be of use to librarians in their vital work and tireless efforts during a very difficult time.


One favorite part? Librarian friend, Lauren Kratz, is the voice of Book! She’s been a librarian for over 15 years at New York and Los Angeles public libraries—and currently manages the Octavia Lab, a DIY Makerspace at the LA Public Library. She also works as a content developer for the Modern Library Platinum Award Winner, LibraryCall.  Lauren develops and records original and diverse stories.


Join us, Lauren, and EveryLibrary in signing this petition to show you oppose book banning.

Here’s a blog post up at EveryLibrary where I write about the origin and intention of this video.

And if you’re a librarian, please reach out, and I can get you a copy to download and share with your patrons and network! 

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