zinnia and the bees at reading to kids!

It was a joy to share Zinnia and the Bees at one of my favorite places over the weekend, Reading to Kids!

I’ve written about this organization before here if you’d like to learn more about a wonderful volunteer opportunity one Saturday morning a month in Los Angeles. It’s a chance to read and craft with kids at eight schools in the city, to instill a love of reading, to connect to and encourage students through discussion and conversation and crafting, and to give each participant a free book to take home with them.

Big thanks to the affiliated teachers and to R2K for choosing my book as a read aloud! Here are some pics of the morning—I got to collaborate with one of my favorite volunteer friends. Hearing him read aloud from the story was a huge gift.



4 thoughts on “zinnia and the bees at reading to kids!”

  1. Wow, what an impressive website! And it looks like “your guy” (Todd?) is a good photographer as well!! Yes, it was a huge gift to be able to collaborate with you, the author. Will now try to buy a copy so I can have you sign it (for future grand-kids?) next month.

      1. Oh no, Esperanza is already 100% full! Looks like I’ll be reading at Politi this month. So see ya next month? (Meanwhile, give my compliments/regards to your guy for the great photos.)

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