pre-order to make time!

It’s getting close! To Make is almost here! 
May 31st is our publication date.
And you can pre-order now!
(Pre-order sales really help authors and illustrators.
They’re kind of a big deal!)

Here’s the neat news:
if you’re one of the first 40 people to order our book through the wonderful
Brave+Kind Bookshop,
you’ll get a thank you in the form of this 11 x 17 poster of a very special theme-containing spread
with words by me and dreamy, beautiful pictures by Mags DeRoma

We’re so lucky that Brave+Kind has partnered in this way
and will be hosting our virtual launch on June 7th
if you’d like to save the date.

Big thanks to this stellar bookshop created and run by a marvelous person!

More soon on that and other events!

Pre-order from Brave+Kind right here!

And thank you so much for your support.