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another picture book group for writers in 2023

I’m offering another Picture Book Group for Writers online in the new year! This time a Saturday slot!

Over a month, we’ll meet on Saturdays from 10am to noon Pacific with a bonus 15 minute mingle at the end:

Saturdays January 14, 21, 28 and February 4 via Google Meet. 


I’ll facilitate two components:

  1. A reading and discussion of a recent picture book title in which we illuminate what makes it sing.
  2. A supportive feedback session (like a critique group) with positive comments as well as a dialogue of our constructive responses and suggestions led by the writer. 

8 participants max.

4 manuscripts each time, so every participant gets their read twice over our month! One draft and then a revision. 

This is open to writers and illustrators of all experience levels with a manuscript in progress who are looking for feedback, community, and camaraderie around this special form and endeavor! (Your ms should be 1,000 words or fewer.)

Cool bits:

You get a picture book read to you! After that, I’ll facilitate a group discussion of what’s effective about it along with what it has to teach us.

You get a supportive environment to confidentially share your work led by a facilitator who is an experienced writer, editor, and teacher who is rooting for you!

You get to receive and respond to comments on your work from other writers (and me), creating a valuable dialogue that supports your voice and vision for your story as you revise. 

You get to build your writing community over four weeks.

You get two opportunities to have your work read—once and then once again after revising per our comments. Folks will get to know your story and we’ll have more context to offer on the second go! Plus, we’ll all learn from one another’s stories. 

You get a 15 minute mingle after the group in case you’d like to stick around and chat, ask questions, or share resources. 

Email me to sign up (I’ll send you a PayPal link unique to me), inquire about the scholarship, or ask a question!






online picture book revision workshop 2/26/22

I’m thrilled to offer another online picture book revision workshop, this one a special one morning event! It’s three and a half hours and it’s supportive, interactive, and will help you revise your manuscript, reflect on your writing journey, receive inspiration, and revitalize YOUR storytelling—all in one sitting! Well, there will be a few breaks sprinkled in. 

This is truly a meaningful revision method that focuses on you as a writer and your picture book manuscript in a unique way that will have a lasting impact on your story—and your vision of yourself as an artist! Writers and writer-illustrators welcome. (I use this method myself for every project.)

Saturday, February 26th, 2022

9 am Pacific (noon Eastern) to 12:30pm Pacific


You can sign up immediately via that PayPal button below (Pay $175)! If you have any questions or would like to sign up for a full scholarship—there are three available for creators with marginalized/underrepresented voices in publishing—please do drop me a line! I’d love to have you join, and those spots will go fast!

Register and pay for this workshop here ($175)!

Contact me about a full scholarship!

Within 48 hours of payment, you should get an email confirmation directly from me after I’ve had a chance to log your sign-up (please reach out if you don’t hear from me in a couple of days as that means there was a snafu). 

Here are some testimonials from past workshop series I’ve offered

that are a little different as they include four sessions and peer critiques.

Last thing! If you are part of the workshop and would like a one-hour video critique of your revision by April 15th, you can schedule with me after the event at a discount. (Critique would be $100; normally $150; critiques arranged via email.)




This Writer’s Life in LA Parent Mag!


I’m thrilled to have an interview in the May/June issue of L.A. Parent Magazine about This Writer’s Life
 by fellow LA writer, Ronna Mandel!

You can read it right here (page 23)!

“By developing their own process and their own writer’s life, [kids] can solidify a practice that will serve them now and later by absorbing narrative components, honing writing techniques, and, perhaps most importantly, nurturing the ability to channel their feelings and experiences into creativity and stories—
a meaningful practice they can lean on their whole lives.”


Photo credit:  Rippin Sindher

“Story Breath” article in SCBWI Bulletin!


I’m thrilled to have an article in the spring issue of the SCBWI Bulletin:

“Story Breath: Inspiration for Plot and Pace in Picture Books!”

And check out that tender, dreamy, hopeful magazine cover by my friend, Maple Lam!

This piece encapsulates my view of what makes the form so special and how to inspire your particular story’s unique energy and movement. (And the accompanying darling dragon sketch is by illustrator Faith Pray.)

“…picture books are different. Special. Distinct…Just like breath, each [one] has its own flow, rhythms, patterns.”


I offer a rationale for the metaphor of breath for plot and pace as well as six common “breath beats” from inhale to held breath to gasp. 

Plus, there are examples of those “breath beats” from all the wonderful picture books in the image below! 


Big thanks to SCBWI for the opportunity to have my work in a publication I’ve been reading and enjoying for so many years. 

free online kids writing workshop!

Join me for an online creative writing workshop for kids (around 7-12 years-old)

through Studio City Library on Wednesday, June 17th!

In eight lines over eight pages, kids will create a booklet that tells a party true, partly made-up story about their shoe (or other item of clothing)!
This activity teaches narrative structure while making a zany, fun book to keep.
All kids need: a pen or pencil, one sheet of notebook or printer paper, scissors if you have some.
To sign up, simply email Lauren the librarian at lkratz@lapl.org!

my writer’s life (FREE!) creative writing activities journal



It’s here! It’s free! It’s a downloadable, printable PDF from my website! 

That’s right, it’s:

My Writer’s Life Creative Writing Activities Journal for Kids (volume one)!

This journal contains 10 creative writing activities aimed at 8 to 12-year-olds that can be used in conjunction with corresponding This Writer’s Life episodes on YouTube or explored on their own. I hope it’s of use to budding writers to explore story, language, and imagination, all things they might need right now.

Here it is in my webshop.

And if you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll not only get new episodes of This Writer’s Life, but a welcome email that automatically sends you a link to this writing journal for kids. 

Take care of yourself and each other during this time of compassionate physical distancing for the greater good, and happy writing to the kids in your life!

Here’s a little snippet of me talking about this resource.



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