Zinnia and the Bees


Zinnia’s yarn bomb flops.

Her older brother (aka best friend and yarn bombing accomplice) leaves without a word.

And then the worst ever of worst evers: BEES. IN. HER. HAIR.

Between a failed yarn bomb, a missing brother, a mother who doesn’t get her, and a nosy new neighbor who seems to notice way too much—especially when it comes to her buzzzzzy new friends—Zinnia’s last day of seventh grade is challenging, to say the least. But learning to trust herself might just be the toughest challenge of all, as Zinnia discovers in this irresistible story about discovering the true meaning of home.

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…offbeat and emotionally true.” —Kirkus

“…Davis does an excellent job crafting human characters who are varied in their emotions and grow in awareness.” —School Library Journal

This [is a] fascinating and unusual look at family, friendships, and insects…” —Booklist


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  • August 19th, 2017

    12:00 PM

    Collage Collage | Vancouver, BC

    Book and craft event.

  • September 17th, 2017

    1:00 PM

    Branch Gallery  | Los Angeles, CA

    Reading at Knitting Tree LA knitting store / fiber arts gallery.

I'm Danielle Davis



I'm Danielle Davis. I grew up in Singapore and Hong Kong and now live in Los Angeles. I've got an M.A. in literature and creative writing and a number of my short stories have been published in literary magazines. I've also had the privilege of teaching English to middle school and community college students. Now, I read and write and enjoy volunteering with literacy organizations.
I blog about picture books at This Picture Book Life.

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Danielle is a true picture book expert and someone I trust implicitly with my work.”
Carter Higgins
Everything You Need for a Treehouse (2017) and This is Not a Valentine (2017). 

“I’ve had a lot of critiques and I can say hers are top notch.”
Dev Petty
I Don’t Want to be a Frog, I Don’t Want to be Big, and Claymates.

Danielle understood what I’m trying to achieve. She identified where my plot, characters, or writing needs strengthening and provided detailed and specific suggestions for improvements. All in all, she’s given me the feedback I need to make my MG novel as good as it can be…”

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